Power outage and c7 changed ip address to an address i can't access

I had a power outage this morning and my C7 hub somehow reset its IP address to a IP i can not access.
Before the power outage it was on 192.168.1.xx
Now it appears in my hub protect- about hub as 169.254.9.xx
My local network is still 192.168.1.xx and is working with all my other network gear.
I now can't access the hub so don't know how to change the ip back to my local network.
Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Did you try:


What happens when you use that?

You may need to reset hub network settings... Find the round hole on the bottom of the hub and use a pin to press the button in there for 7 seconds. That will reset you hub network settings and reboot the hub.

Ideally, once you are up and running again you should set an IP reservation for the hub on your router.

Or reboot your router. That is the ip a device uses when getting an address from dhcp which is obviously failing.


That address indicates your hubitat came up before your DHCP server was available to respond. That address is what a device generates when it can not reach a DHCP server. A reboot of the hubitat may be all that is needed.