Power out at mode change/rule time

If a mode change or simple lighting rule transpires during a power outage my lights on Zwave & Zigbee outlets will wind up in an undesirable state because they can't receive commands from UPS protected HE. How might my Generic Zwave & Generic Zigbee outlets be queried, routinely & automatically to rectify their tardy states? Basically, I want to check throughout the day to assure outlets are on & check throughout the night to assure they're off. Can it be done by polling or reporting or must I integrate sensors?

That's an interesting scenario. I have some devices such as sump pump, radon fan, etc. which are supposed to be always on, so I have a scheduled rule (RM 4) that just turns them on every 15 minutes no matter what state they are currently in. I also use @bptworld Device Check Plus to survey things at bedtime to make sure all is as expected.

But your scenario is a bit more complicated, I think. You want to send commands to the device to match the state that Hubitat thinks they are in, without any assumptions about what state they should be in. You could construct a rule that says "If deviceX is on, turn on deviceX, else turn off." But there's got to be a better way.

Thanks, HAL9000! Repeating commands appropriate to the day or night time frame will suit me nicely. RM4 looks like something I can adapt. Is there a bibliography of standard rules where I might look for such routines as I live & learn?

For rule machine there is an examples forum at:


Great, this noob needs examples!

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