Power monitoring plugs, suggestion?

Greetings Team!
Considering Power monitoring plugs to trigger actions. Simple on/off such as when the TV turns on, the plug senses and triggers other rules.
Do you have suggestions on which device?
I've seen some mention wifi plugs, if this, how are these triggering rules in Hubitat?
Thank you.

It certainly sounds like you have a variety.

Yep and none of them have been problematic so take your pick. The only downside to the Kasa plugs are slight delays in reporting while waiting for the device to be polled. The rest are instantaneous.

I have 2 Sengled NB7 -- they work very well and are reasonably priced. I also have a couple Aeotec Smart Switch 7s, and while they are fantastic and highly customizable, they're stupid expensive.

For appliances, the trusty ol' Zen15 is hard to beat - an oldie but goodie.

I think for something like a TV, the Zooz ZEN04 would be a pretty good fit. Paired with @jtp10181 's excellent driver and the ZEN04's better behavior control with new parameters that came with the latest ZEN04 firmware upgrade.

With Jeff's driver you can do an accessory on (I don't understand the meaning, really, either). But you can set a certain low power that the TV might consume at rest, and specify that anything below that power level means the TV is "off"; above "on".

What I like about the ZEN04 is that you can specify how it returns after a power outage, and do timed auto on and auto off.

Thank you all for this information. Let me look into each a bit...

Do the Sengled's report to Hubitat? Can you use them to trigger routines in Hubitat? I noticed a comment on the Amazon site that user was not able to get them to do so.

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My NB7s report very reliably. Both are always on, and I use power reports from them to determine the on/off status of a couple dumb window fans (which are actually controlled by a BroadlInk RM4Mini integration). I just use the "Generic Zigbee Outlet" driver with a 5-watt reporting interval.

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Same - they work for me...

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