Power monitoring - looking for a way to view usage cleanly/clearly

Trying to see how power monitoring is reported in Hubitat. Looking at a Zooz double plug I have. In SmartThings I couild click on an "Events" link on the device details page and see a detailed summary of power usage.

Is there something similar in Hubitat? I only see a logs page for the device in the Logs section and there doesn't appear to be any way to see the power usage info in a separate/clean way. I don't see any option to view detailed events/power info from the Zooz device page (parent and children).

On the Devices Page, there is an event button. Selecting that gives a list of all events reported from the device. If there are no energy or power related events, then your device or device driver do not support the energy functions.


Devices Event Page

OMG...I was scrolling down immediately and looking for a simple "Events" link. DOH!

Crawling back into my shell...

It is OK. In this community, we all live in glass tech houses and none of us can throw stones for fear of reprisal.


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