Power Meter/Energy Monitor Condition

First time using the Conditional Actions IF, Then. This was a good learning experience. I will test this evening.


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Using the IF then it seems I didn't do something correct.
app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.593 pm infoAction: END-IF

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.587 pm infoAction: Off: TV Plug (skipped)

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.573 pm infoAction: ELSE-IF (Time is 10:30 PM CDT(F) OR Time is 11:32 PM CDT(F) AND Power level of TV Plug(21.89) is < 22.0(T) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.421 pm infoAction: Exit Rule (skipped)

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.412 pm infoAction: IF (Time is 10:30 PM CDT(F) AND Power level of TV Plug(21.89) is > 22.0(F) [FALSE]) THEN (skipping)

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.248 pm infoTV off at night Triggered

app:4172020-04-19 10:31:00.237 pm infoTV off at night : Triggered at Certain Time

Just try the very simple rule I posted above.

For the first statement(read from bottom up) You apparently didn't meet the time and power criteria. They are both false. When it got to the second part, it didn't meet the time criteria, it is false.

You may have to adjust the power levels slightly. I also see where this could be simplified and be more tolerant of times.

But yea, you might want to start with ogiewon's simple rule, and see if that works. That rule will also help to tweak the power levels.

Thank you all for your assistance with this.
Here what I got now


That should do the trick.

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