Power cycling hubitat hub

I have occasion to move my hub during a pairing problem. I run the setings>shutdown hub. Before power down I download a backup. Most of the time the move back works just as expected but on more than one occasion devices were lost, lutron bridge stalled? After restoring the backup made just prior to shutdown some things returned but other devices were missing. I didn't have difficulty adding them back but is this just something others avoid or am i missing something basic on power cycling my hub?

Are you waiting until the light is red before unplugging it? If you don’t, that can corrupt the database.

You should be able to restore from backup an not have to re-pair any devices though. But do make sure you’re waiting for the red light when shutting down before you unplug it. There could be something else I’m not aware of that is getting corrupted in the underlying OS too.

I don't know if anyone really read it, but I posted pretty much this exact scenario a week or so ago. The light was red, I unplugged it, and lost a whole bunch of stuff.

I have power cycled before and after this without having it happen again, but it is a bit unsettling when you don't know why it did this.

I downloaded a backup just prior to shutting down. On shutdown i waited for the red light. after bringing back up I lost tiles from my dashboard so i restored the download made just prior to backup. It restored the tiles but I also later noticed devices lost. This all went back together but wondering if best practice would be noticing count of devices before power cycle. This only occurred once from several power cycles over the past month.
Best practices notes might be helpful. Should you disable some device logging after confirming device works for some time to clean up the logs. Some drivers are very chatty.