Post mortem hub after crash

For the first time, my C7 just died. The diagnostics page was unavailable, but the hub was pingable.
On a port scan, no available ports came back, but the standard icp.
After hard-resetting the hub, I looked at all the logs I could find, but nothing related to the crash.

So my question: is there any way I can post mortem this issue?
Some hidden log or something?

By "hard-reset" you mean you did a full reset which resets the radios, deregisters the hub and removes all the logs?

No, the only way I could bring some life into the hub, was to pull the power from it.

If you search the past log for "error" and find nothing, then there's not going to be much for you to go on. For this you would need support, but if your hub is running and you're able to view logs, then there's not much support is going to be able to help with right now.

Check the obvious. Over heating, or over stressing the hub with too much power reporting, overly chatty IP devices, trying to display multiple live streams on Dashboard, that sort of stuff.
Ensure it's on a UPS to try to avoid issues from power blips.

Looks like you're getting a bunch of these in the logs:

2020-12-16 22:36:48.754 [ZWaveIpClientWatchdog4123] WARN com.hubitat.hub.zwaveip.ZWaveIPHandler - Address already in use (Bind failed)

GIve it another reboot, I'll check it again after.

I have around 8 Zigbee devices and one Z-wave device connected to my hub. Power is rock-solid. Filtered and stabilized. (we never have outages, but non the less it is behind my Eaton UPS.

No streaming of any kind, but i do have around 8 dashboards.
One rule in rule machine, end 4 rules in simple lighting.
So why it crashed is a mistery to me.

I have only one Z-wave device?!
Rebooting now.

Try increasing dashboard refresh interval to 5 seconds instead of 2. We can have the hub collect runtime stats, but multiple dashboards open on multiple devices can cause problems. However you don't have many devices... well, I'll be checking on your hub from time to time.

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What Z-Wave device is it and which driver? Since you only have one, if this warning persists, exclude, factory reset and re-include that device.

Qubino 1D Relay Module, and builtin driver.

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Not hard since it's only one device to exclude, factory reset and re-include.

If you have it in a lot of rules, you can either create a proxy virtual device and sub that in the rules (my old method), or in my opinion, the much easier new method I prefer is to simply do a local database backup, and then export the rules to a file. Next exclude, reset and include the device again, Now delete the rules it was in and on import, RM will prompt you for the devices to use.

He also has 4 rules in simple automation as well as the 1 in RM. Exporting simple auto rules isn't a thing, is it?

The z-wave device is not included in any rules or automations. It's just used to power up/down our aquarium when we clean the tank.
Surely this could not be an issue?

A device going off the rails and needing reset is totally a thing that happens. I'm not saying that I know that's what happened, I'm just saying that it's super easy to make an attempt at ruling that out since you do have warnings that are related to Z-Wave and you had a inaccessible UI.

The hub itself was unresponsive, not just the UI.

Removing the device in my case would mean that I re-open a sealed/waterproofed container, connecting a switch on the T1 terminal to reset it.

Last time I connect a Z-wave device in that case.

gopher.ny, is there any way I can see this type of logging for myself?

:slightly_smiling_face: I have my bathroom fan setup so that it uses the original dumb push-button Leviton timer, but it can also be turned on by the hub when a high humidity is registered in the bathroom.

Not enough room in the already crowded three-gang box, so I pretty much knew the option for me that made sense was to install a micro switch in a sealed box of our very difficult to access attic space. Since I'm already an Insteon user, I had three choices. A Z-Wave device that I would have already have had to pull and exclude, a Zigbee device that I would already have had to pull and reset, or an Insteon device. So of course, I went with the more feature rich Insteon device, that also hasn't needed resetting once in three HE hub migrations.

Anyway, I would backup that database to a local drive, give it another reboot, and then run a soft reset, then restore from your backup.

Thank you for your feedback. This should be listed in hub's logs, but I verified and is currently only captured in the platform error log. Next update will show this error in the logs too.