Post in any language

@bobbyD There are times when you know that English isn't the posters native language and they struggle explaing their problem, especially first time users who may not be familiar with terms etc. It would be great to have community members who are fluent in other languages, post the languages and their willingness to jump in to help.
With a list of community members and languages, a new user could be encouraged to post a question in their native language and the post tagged with one or more members who have agreed to help.
Not sure how this could be organized. I don't know if this could be within the signup procedure where it includes their native language. That might feel awkward to some so ????
I would start off by adding my name as willing to help with Australian? Not terribly fluent but I get by. :wink:


Great idea, that is kind of what the regional groups are for. You can tag @ Australia and those who joined the group will get notified. We can add more groups as needed.


Is there some way to organize this in some easily accessible way?

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