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Hi All,

I migrated to C-8, but a few questions remain.

  1. The cloud migrate backup I created is still there. It does not have any Action buttons to remove it. Will it self-destruct by itself in a few days or do I have to remove it? How?

  2. In Settings > Hub Details I can give my new hub a friendly name, save it and it will stick from session to session. Not so Latitude and Longitude. They do not stick from session to session no matter what I try. HE probably calculates them for each session from the Zip Code I entered during setup. Every time I change and save them they stick for that session only, but revert back for the next session. Any way to save them from session to session?

The Lat and Long come from That's where your browser thinks you are.

The cloud backup for migration should go away, mine did eventually.

Thank you. How do I make it stick from session to session?

You don't. Your browser will update it every time.

HE must have a new definition of the Word "Save".

Remove the zip and just do lat and long and it will stick.

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to get mine to stick, I had to set it in the HE mobile app through pinching and zooming within the map shown in the app. It was off by a good mile

For mine I just used google earth, zoomed in on the center of my house and pulled the lat and long.

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Success! Thank you.

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