Possible to post sensor temperature value to a text file on computer?

I have several cameras in places where I also have zwave temp sensors. I would like to somehow export these actual temperature values to a text file on the computer that runs my Blue Iris camera software, so that I can use Blue Iris Tools to grab these values and overlay them on each respective camera feed using macros I have set up in Blue Iris.

Is this possible?

I suspect it might be. What I would try is:

  1. Save the temperature to a local file on the hub
  2. Copy the link from the Hubitat File manager
  3. From your PC, there must be a way to automatically save the content of a text file from a URL, and then use the macros to do the overlay.
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Isn't this basically what the Makers API app is for?


Thanks. This Makers api app seems to be exactly what I was looking for, but is there a url for just one device detail (temperature)? The example url's listed in the app are for all device details.