Possible to Find my Device (Android)?

Brand new Hubitat user here! I just now set up Hubitat C7 with a Lutron Smartbridge Pro 2 and starting to explore what it can do.

One thing I'd like is to use a Lutron Pico remote to trigger Google's Find My Device to locate my phone. I couldn't find any info on this, but I'm still confused by how best to figure out functionality so I may be poorly searching. I also started to look at IFTTT as another possible path here, but also failed to find answers.

I was sold on Hubitat by reading I could do just about anything with the Pico Remote, which I've got several of... this was the first thing I could think of that would be useful. Any luck here? Thanks for any ideas!

I haven't heard of an app to do this, but maybe someone will take this on? It probably would depend if there is an open API or other method to get this data needed to accomplish this.

I have never looked, but I am surprised that IFTTT doesn't have anything like this. If they did, it would be a fairly simple matter to have a virtual switch tied between IFTTT and the Pico. The button press would turn on the virtual switch, and in turn be the IF part of TTT.

The only way I can think of doing this would be to have Google Assistant Relay running on a rPi and use that to relay the command.
I just tried it and it does work but is probably overkill.

OK thanks for the replies; I guess I'm overestimating the ability to do phone commands externally. :stuck_out_tongue:

IFTTT does do a 'ring my phone' option, but my phone is always on mute so that wouldn't help; I need that Android functionality.

There is a Google Home command "Find my phone", I wonder if there's a way to trigger that.. will investigate.

Use tasker. Combined with the join api that @stephack created this sbiukd be fairly straight-forward.

Edit. Whoops no. Read the op wrong.

Google assistant relay is the only way to do this.

IFTTT might still work for you if you don it in 2 stages.
Create a virtual switch and when it turns on have IFTTT set your phone to 100%. Then another when it turns off to make a VoIP call to your phone. You can create a simple rule in RM to for the auto off.

You really need a "find my tiny pico" command. Phone is likely in your hand, on Hubitat site :grinning:


Just curious. If you have Google Home devices, why not just use voice to find your phone?

I previously used notifications to "find my phone" but once GH added the ability I removed it. Using notifications was a bit convoluted. As @at9 mentioned, google relay could handle this..but would require some time and effort to configure.
Same would go with using Tasker and the Join Api app that @cwwilson08 mentioned . This would require time and effort to learn to use and configure both apps plus there is a cost for both Android apps.
I also used the Pushover app's emergency alert at one point ...the simplest of methods mentioned here...but still a bit convoluted and there is a cost associated with the app.

If you have a voice assistant, it's the simplest and most effective way to do this IMO.

Thanks for the additional notes! Reason for wanting to use a Pico instead of voice is for multiple family members who aren't all voice-recognized by Home to know which phone to ring. Also, we've had issues with voices properly being detected recently, leading to my wife yelling same command repeatedly. :grimacing:
Having a quick button to press, mounted near the exit, one button assigned per person, would be nice, but perhaps too ambitious.

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Dumb question. Will installing the Hubitat Mobile App on each phone and then use the text notification from Hubitat to the phone work? Hubitat on phone would be set to audio notification. You could even update the notification to be a song (Turn out the lights?). You could then write a rule that when accessed would send the notification every 5 seconds for one minute.

Interesting idea, I'll take a look into that! Our phones are usually muted, but maybe can set it up to let one notification punch through mute, I'm not sure. Thanks for the idea

@matsam did you ever managed to get something working?

I managed a workaround thanks to a virtual switch that will unmute my phone with IFTTT and then a notification is sent to Hubitat app with rule manager.

Ah, the switch to unmute is clever, thanks for the idea!

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