Possible to call up a remote bash script?

Is there a way to call up a remote ssh script?

I know many people use rest api’s, but I’d like to figure out a way to call up bash scripts on a remote server.

Any ideas or examples would be helpful.

HE only supports telnet, not SSH. So you would have to use an external integration “bridge” the gap. NodeRed supports SSH as an example but if you don’t have NodeRed setup that is a huge rabbit hole, super fun I might add. Just search this community for NodeRed for more details in what people are doing with it.

Telnet is fine. I can enable that service.

I assume I can append a command ?

How do you use telnet?

There are several example drivers posted on the community that you may want to review as examples like Wi-Fi presence, Onkyo driver (old version posted before it became stock) and some details like in this thread

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