Possible bug?

@bravenel When switching to a slave hub the app forces a new presence device to be created.. that seems to be a bad thing if you are cloning the master presence device to the virtual device on the slave.

Is it possible to have the android app ignore that if it sees a virtual device already created ?

This would allow you to access the slave dashboard then. Or maybe just allow to skip that device creation ?

When switching what? Not following.

So in the Hubitat android app you can switch hubs to use. If I switch from my master hub to the slave hub it forces a new presence sensor to be created. That seems to be over kill if all you want too have access to is the slave dashboard.

Even if I use Link to Hub and clone the master Mobile App Device to the slave the app still forces to create the same Mobile App Device on the slave. That is certainly a bug since it serves the same function as a real one.

I'm unaware of this. Will look into it.

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