Possible Bug RM 4: Cancel Delay Actions


Bruce, I'm assuming "cancel delay actions" should work on both an action with a delay and a standalone delay actions? I'm seeing an error in logs related to delayed actions in rules where I'm using a standalone delay actions and cancel delay actions in the same rule.

I don't have a screenshot of the error at this time, but will upload it next time I see it. Stop actions this rule seems to work without the error, but it some cases it's not an acceptable workaround since it cancels more than just specific actions with the "delay cancel" flag.

Not able to reproduce a problem. It would be better for you not to post something like this until you can show evidence.

Ok, here is the error I'm getting, looks like it's not specific to stop actions afterall

When do you get the error? While creating the rule?

When the action is triggered

OK, thanks. If possible, show me app state right after it blows the error. And action logs would be good as well.

I'll play with it tonight to see if I can force the error and then post the states.

And action logs, so I can see right where it blows. Probably the END-REP...

took a while to throw the error again.


Where you able to pinpoint the cause of this error? I'm still getting it periodically.

Brain damage. Will look into it...

At least I can tell right where it's throwing the error. Since the error comes after the final END-IF, does the rule work correctly anyway?

Are you sure these logs are from the rule you showed above? I don't understand what it's showing in those logs. For example, in the rule you showed above the final steps are

Stop Repeating Actions
Cancel Delayed Actions
Notify Google...

In the logs, those three actions run, followed by

IF (Master Bath Door closed)

But that doesn't follow in the rule you showed. Please explain...

Are you running on If not, please update.

Yes, from what I can see the rules work as planned.

See my edit just above.

The notify google commands are for google assistant, the one that runs after my the door is closed triggers my "nest x yale lock" to lock.

The IF master bath door closed then notify is another google assistant command that triggers a lighting flash (via a google assistant to yonomi action) in my master bathroom if the door is closed as the occupant might not hear the announcement in the shower.

Yes on current firmware

I understand what the commands do. What I don't understand is the logs showing that IF (Master Bath Closed) action AFTER the rule has completed running the final three commands.

The logging is a snippet of "past logs" centered around the time of the error, perhaps the last entry was a result of new trigger after the rule has already run. Since the rule is tied to the front door it does get a lot of activity throughout the day.

OK. So turn on all of the rule logging, so we can tell what's going on. As it is, there's no way to tell. Those logs are very confusing, and don't line up at all with the rule you've shown. So until then, it is impossible to even begin to tell what is causing the error. Also, need to capture the entire log sequence of the rule being triggered until it throws the error.

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