Possible bug: Hue Integration or RM Set Color command


@mike.maxwell @bravenel I may have discovered a bug in either RM or the upadted Hue Integration. If I use a set color action on a Hue rgbw bulb (huebridgebulbrgbw) I get the following error:

app:51762018-11-28 09:13:33.550 pm errorjava.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method setColor() on null object (delayRuleFalseForce)

rule action is simple:

Set color: Blue Level: 75

Strangely enough, I can use the same command in button controller with no issue. So, for now, I created a virtual button device and am using button controller to invoke the command.

Edit: I also got this error trying to save the button controller for the action, but I was able to page back and then it saved:

app:51862018-11-28 09:36:43.639 pm errorgroovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: java.lang.String.call() is applicable for argument types: (java.util.HashMap) values: [[p:2]] Possible solutions: wait(), any(), wait(long), each(groovy.lang.Closure), any(groovy.lang.Closure), take(int) (mainPage)


Is the Current States color in the bulb device page "blue"? For me, the value doesn't change no matter what color is selected.


There is a bug in RM wrt false actions (even delayed ones) setting a color. Fix will be out in a hot fix release today.


I also started seeing this which I never saw before in my logs:

2018-11-29 11:07:00.086 am [debug]( Hue Bridge (2F2FCD) with id 0017882F2FCD already exists

[app:1]( 11:07:00.054 am [debug](

[app:1]( 11:06:00.176 am [debug]( Hue Bridge (2F2FCD) with id 0017882F2FCD already exists

[app:1]( 11:06:00.052 am [debug](

[app:1]( 11:05:00.142 am [debug]( Hue Bridge (2F2FCD) with id 0017882F2FCD already exists

[app:1]( 11:05:00.050 am [debug](

[app:1]( 11:04:00.225 am [debug]( Hue Bridge (2F2FCD) with id 0017882F2FCD already exists

[app:1]( 11:04:00.100 am [debug](


Thanks for this, I for the life of me couldn't figured out what was causing this problem.

Any idea why the button controller app had the errors I mentioned in my OP?


No, have not looked into that yet.


Hot fix has resolved this issue for me! Thanks....