[Ported] Generic Z-Wave Door/Window sensor from ST

I needed to use the ST driver for my GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Sensor, Hinge Pin Door Sensor so ported it over. Not all that familiar with github or porting but driver seems to work okay. Thought I'd share if anyone needs it..


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using your ported driver and it works just fine as a door sensor. but I do not get battery reports. have you possibly added/fixed the battery reporting? I took a look at the driver and have proven to myself how bad at programming i am..

Let me take a look it's been a while!!! :grin:

So apologies - was not able to get the battery reporting working properly but it probably is just my inexperience with these things. Originally I did a straight port from SmartThings.

You may be better off switching to the "generic z-wave contact sensor". It works but has the same battery status issue. However the staff may be able to resolve at some point.

Was this ever resolved? I'm currently using the generic zwave contact sensor but I can't get a battery status.

With which sensor? I use the built-in Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor driver with Nortek/Linear/GoControl z-wave contact sensors and it gets battery information regularly (twice a day):

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