Portal Redesign Launched

We are happy to announce we have rolled out the new design for portal.hubitat.com

Part of this new redesign and in conjunction with the new Mobile apps, we now require a Hubitat Account (email and password) to use the Mobile app and new portal.

If you have used a social media accounts like Facebook, Google or Amazon to register your hub, and never set a password, you will need to migrate your account to one with an email and password.

In order to migrate your account, you will see the option on login or you can visit Hubitat Portal

New Features

Find Hub(s) Hubitat Portal
This allows users to find all the hubs on their network. This is a quick way to discover and get to any Hubitat Hub.

Also features "Advanced Discovery" options including mDNS, by MAC Address and a LAN scanner

My Hub(s) Hubitat Portal
This area is only available after you have logged in and allows you to click on the blue link to go directly to that hub or click on the icon of the hub to open a popup dialog box showing more info about your hub.

This area only shows hubs linked to your logged in username / account.

You can add other Portal users as guests and even promote or demote admins if you are an admin.

Guests and Admins can then see this hub in their Portal and Mobile Apps. This is the area you will want to add family members so they can use their own credentials to log into the Mobile Apps.

Other Notes
We have added links to documentation, support and the community on portal now as well.

If you need to get to the old portal because you haven't migrated your social media login, you can visit it at Hubitat User Portal

If you are unsure of what email / account is registered to your hub, you can visit your hub's ip address/hub/register and that page will show you what account was used. Use that same account for logging into portal and / or the mobile apps.