[PORT] Initialstate Visualization Event Sender | Data Visualizations for Device events

Initial State Event Sender is a app that sends events from Hubitat to the Initial State service for kick-ass Data Visualizations.

Release Page: jedbro / initialstate-smartapp

v1.0.0 - 01/13/20 - Initial port from ST

Original project: davidsulpy / initialstate-smartapp

Please note this is my first app/port, so please let me know if you see anything I missed from the SmartThings groovy I should have removed or changed.

I am not affiliated with Initial State. Purely a fan of their service and was in the need for a way to visualize some of my devices (Temp, Humidity, Power, Door usage, etc.) without standing up my own server or database.

Initial State has a 14 day trial and a free account for students with an .edu address.

Edit: Adding some cool sample visualizations this platform looks to be capable of:

Since it is probably the most popular question that will come up, after the 14 day free trial, it's $10 a month or $100 a year.


Is this a cloud based solution or a local one? Do you need a server to run Initial State or do you upload the data to their cloud?

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Purely cloud, so no local anything beyond this app that pushes your events/data per whatever devices you select in the app.

Good call out on the trial + pricing.

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Price is too high for me versus just doing it locally. For $2-4/month I would consider it. For $8.33-10 I won't.

But cool service nonetheless. I hadn't heard of them before.

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Totally agree, not for everyone.
I also threw this together as even just the 14 day trial is a good way to get a sense for what is worth spending time to plot v.s. not even if you go a different route. That was my first take in why I went this route as well. Before spending any personal time standing up something locally I want to make sure I have good justification for it first.

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