[PORT] AXIS Gear Driver

Hi All
I’ve just noticed that some people claimed that using the generic zigbee dimmer drive would work . Just wondering if you had the chance to test this scenario. Thank you.

I haven’t. Will give it a shot.

Hi Mluck
Thank you very much
Please see attached a snapshot of one of threads discussing about using the generic zigbee dimmer driver for Axis Gear.

I just changed my blinds from the ported Axis driver to "Generic Zigbee Dimmer" and they seem to be working OK. I'll report back in a few more days to see if this resolves the flakiness I had reported earlier.

Hi Lenworth
Thank you for good news and if stable too that it will be appreciated if you can let us know.

Any luck with using the generic Zigbee dimmer drive with Axis Gear? Thank you.

I setup Hubitat for the first time this week, and am using it with three Axis Gears (in addition to a bunch of other stuff). The generic Zigbee dimmer was not working that well for me, but I have had success with @bptworld 's driver. Things that are working perfectly so far (only a few days in):

  • Rules that open the curtains in the morning, and close them in the evening.
  • GE Enbrighten Switch, where I have the "doubleTab" action open or close the curtains on demand.

Things that seem to work less well:

  • Sliders in a dashboard to set the curtains to a certain level (0-100%).
  • Any button/switch in a dashboard that does not send the "raise shades" or "lower shades" command.
  • Google sees the shades as dimming lights, and voice control is not reliable.

Today I am going to try creating virtual switches for the Gears that send the "raise shades" or "lower shades" command. I can then reveal these virtual switches to Google (while hiding the "real" devices), and create some Routines (such as "Open Curtain 1") that then trigger the virtual devices. I am confident this should work pretty well to give me voice control.

Happy to weigh in more. I came to Hubitat from SmartThings, where the Axis Gear's where 100% unreliable for me, and were part of my reason for trying something new. There is not a lot of conversation out there on these devices, and I like that we have at least a small group here.

Having been using the Generic Zigbee Dimmer for the past few weeks I can report that it's been almost 100% stable! There was only a single morning where they didn't open as expected. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong - the lights on the blinds illuminated as though they received the command to open but they didn't actually move. If I had to guess I'd say that the dimmer was set to 0%, so when the blinds received the on command they "opened" to 0%. But like I said, otherwise I haven't experienced any issues!

Hi Lenworth
Thank you and more then sure I'll be getting one and even trying to modified it to work with some curtains.
Perhaps it will be good idea to test with the setting at 0% to check if the "error" is happening again if not too much trouble. Thank you.

Has anyone figured out how to group multiple Axis Gears in a single virtual device without using dimmer drivers on the physical devices?

I have three gears for which I have set up additional virtual switches to trigger the "open" and "close" commands (these are the only commands that work for me with any stability). I then have an "All Curtains" virtual switch that triggers the commands for all three at once. It is working well.

Hopefully that makes sense - happy to provide more info/screenshots/etc. when I have a chance.

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I've been away from the Hubitat for a while, but I recently purchased a C7.

While setting everything up, I dug up some old code that I had in progress but never finished. It was a rewrite of this driver that was based on existing SmartThings Zigbee shades and the existing code here. I've now been using this driver to successfully control my shade from home assistant for a week now.

If anyone would like try this version out, here is the direct link


The new driver from @cofin works great so far. Thank you!

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