Police arrest

I have a routine whereby all my spotlights outside flash when there is motion outside and in night mode. (Alexa also notifies) 2 weeks ago, the flashing woke me up and there were two thieves trying to break in. You can guess the rest but Hubitat stopped the burglary and aided with a police arrest. Is there nothing Hubitat can't do. Awesome!


Very cool.

What are you using for outdoor spotlights and how are you controlling them? I was thinking of installing some of the Hue outdoor LED panels, partially so I could have some multicolored lights at Christmas.

I just use outdoor spotties in my soffits like the ones you have in a plasterboard ceiling. They're wired into a plug and then into a Samsung Smartthings outlet. Pretty simpleπŸ‘


Step up your game....lighting is Level 1, hot wiring the handles is Level 2


Addendum: I apologize... sorta... I just don't have any sympathy for this anymore. You tread where you aren't suppose to, try to take/mess with what's not yours...well then, you're taking some risk aren't you.

Nevermind the sense of violation you are probably left with...it would be worse if they got away with it, believe me.


I have a new Hyundai Ioniq 5.
There will be 800 VDC available :wink:


I wish my yard was normally quiet enough for this level of security warning. Despite having all sensors set to the absolute minimum, they trigger disturbingly often given the number of possums, racoons, skunks, cats, and other vermin running around in my semi-urban neighborhood. Not to mention the platoon of squirrels during the day. lol



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I have the same effect with a few Netatmo 'Presence' spots who will take all the action on video also...without Hubitat doing anything.

Some of my internal lights come on too to imply that we've been awaken. I set this up as a deterrent to scare theives off, which it did in this particular case! I never thought the rule would result in an arrest

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