Pointless Argument

Been on Hubitat for about 15 months. Not new. Lurker perhaps.

As I said, go back and look at the suggestion, or even my further proposal here. It doesn't have to be about the device driver directly reading it. It's about being able to directly disable the device's actions without layering a virtual device and a smattering of RM entries to hack that.

^^^^^ Not necessary.

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@bobbyd This post has gone off the rails at this point.


Awh @Brandon


Frankly, a "penalty box" thread shouldn't ever be in a place for public viewing, in part because it loses context. Most forums put these in a moderator only area.

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We don't have a penalty box because we respect others here.


Well, we didn't need to do that, until now. But I think you are correct here.

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There have been other threads that warranted it.

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Not many threads get flagged once they are moved in the Time Out. Usually folks cool off and the thread turns into a joke or dies off.


Ok Lurker.... I get that with limited posts.

This is where I'm confused.... disable the device's actions....... why would you do this in a driver? Most devices only act upon what their told by apps or rules which is where the disabling or ignoring of an event should occur. As I don't see any previous information/posts about the background, purpose, intent it's very hard to piece this together.


Perhaps the solution is locking them when they go there?

You're kinda ignoring the moderators though.... those with "Ambassador" as titles... those aren't self appointed ya know.

The suggestion was to provide an ability for the MyQ garage door app to not activate the garage door when a mode (location or HSM) was selected for security reasons (ie not open the door when HSM was armed or location was away or vacation or night.

I don't understand this, if someone wants to get in their not going to compromise your HA, they are going to break a window or something. Seems pointless to me.

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Around here, they're just as likely to yell at Alexa through a window.

edit: though this also serves the purpose of not accidentally opening your garage door and triggering an alarm because your finger hit the wrong dashboard tile.

I still stand by I highly doubt your HA would be the entry point.

Nothing you can do about human error.

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This is best suited to be done within the MyQ App.... not driver which is what everyone has been saying.

As there's the MyQ App it would be suitable for it to check for a variable that is set by location or HSM and if the variable is set then the app does not activate the garage..... This is all handled through rules and variables and the app.

And then you will enter into territory of which there's nothing that can be done to prevent the override from the actual MyQ mobile app... which makes it a moot point to add this into the MyQ App?

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Sure there is. As I proposed, have the ability for the control functions to be disabled by an RM action. Then the Rule that activates at night disables the garage door open function before setting the alarm.

Just set a simple notification if the door is open on a certain mode/time you would know and close it, takes care of the human error.

After the alarm has gone off, woken the kids and the neighbours... Honestly, as I said previously, I'm not looking for a hack. It was an honest feature request that I've already got hacks to mitigate the absence of.

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