PoE tablet

It's time to upgrade the main wall mounted tablet. Very much looking forward to moving passed the laggy and numb 7th gen fire 10. Probably going to go with a Samsung Tab A (SM-T500) Almost half an inch bigger too.

There has GOT to be a way to PoE connect these things now. Isn't there? I've read that iPads can do it.

To clarify I am meaning power AND data. I know it's not really necessary but I like the clean install it gives and much more consistent connection.

Possibly this: 48V PoE+ to USB-C w/ Data Adapter: Data and Power

Or, the POE Texas version:

Havent tried, but tempting.

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Something of this sort? Power only though unless you got an ethernet connection on that tablet.

Price seems a little steep but that is exactly what I was looking for.

Still kicking around going that route but I'm glad to see it's possible.