Plug In Chime - Axxess Industries Inc

Will this work on Hubitat?

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That particular version is a Control4 variant of Zigbee and can’t be used for Hubitat. Perhaps they have a “regular” version?

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I emailed them, but it doesn't appear they do. I think they'd have a market for it though if they did.

I do too.

Looks nice, but you can achieve something similar with an Aeotec Siren

Yeah, I have one of those. Works OK. Not perfect for use as a quick chime (a little slow), but not horrible.

Well actually I got an email today that says they've begun looking into possibly supporting Hubitat. It came from

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That would be nice. I like options.

They already did the hard part making the device. The only difference between a control4 version and standard zigbee is firmware and programming.

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Nice … what is their price?

Tim I don't know about prices. But like JasonJoel said, they already have the devices. The chime and the chime/doorbell combo look nice. We'll have to see if they actually support them to work with Hubitat.

I went in circles briefly trying to figure out what these cost (even if it's a price for the wrong version) but I couldn't find my way through to a dealer web page that loaded correctly. The impression I got, though, was that they only sold to professional installers rather than end-users; and I'm not sure those installers want to sell just the hardware without an installation contract?

Anyone have general experience with that? Is it common for DIYers to try (successfully?) to buy hardware from vendors who don't want all the drama of the retail market?

I'm interested in this device as well.
Please let me know, if it's available for purchase.

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