Please recommend a button device

Hello. I'm looking for a button device with a quick response. The list I know of is a Philips hue dimmer switch and an Ikea dimmer switch. However, hue is slow when it supports hold and release, and ikea is not stable. Is there a stable and fast button device that supports hold and release??

Do you have any other criteria? If not, Lutron Pico remotes are rock solid, pretty cheap once you get past the startup cost, have long battery life, and support what you need. The downside is the startup cost: you need at least a Smart Bridge Pro (L-BGDPRO-2) or a RA2 system. That aterra at over $100.

If you just want one or two, consider the ZooZ ZEN34. I have a few and haven't had them long enough to comment on battery life or other long-term concerns, but they also support what you want and have worked well for me so far (aside from needing to learn to press a bit harder than I'm used to with hardwired dimmers). They cost a bit more per device, usually, but just a few are cheaper in total.

I've tried a lot and these are probably my favorites. I also like the SmartThings button, but it's a single button and most of my use cases do better with at least a couple. It also got (surprise!) a lot less cheap since Aeon took over distribution. Still, honorable mention, and maybe you prefer that form factor.

There are more, too. Sort this list by device type for "button controller": List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation. See also this thread for discussion on community favorites, though the top ones appear to line up with my preferences too: Most Popular Button Controller elevated by Hubitat in 2021

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Thanks for the reply. I have a smartthings button device, but it's not the speed I want. (Perhaps because of the double-click support?) Is Lutron still active?? I know that Lutron works in rf mode. If there is no problem with stability, I would like to purchase, but did you have any problems with the signal being cut off?

Lutron the company is not going anywhere. Pico remotes (and all other Lutron wireless lighting devices) use a proprietary protocol called ClearConnect, which is why @bertabcd1234 mentioned you’ll need a caseta Pro bridge to integrate with Hubitat.

Most people (myself included) find the ClearConnect devices to work more reliably than anything else.

I’m not sure what you mean by signal being cut off? If you mean distance/range, it’s not an issue in most homes.


From the time zone in your profile, you appear to be located in the Far East. If this is correct, Lutron products are unlikely to be available or licensed for use in your area.


To be fair, also not far off Western Australia time, though still exotic enough that Lutron is probably not an option :slight_smile:


True. Embarrassingly, I even have family in Perth.


Me too :slight_smile:


Nothing is going to be fast if it supports hold, because it has to wait to see if the action was a press or a hold.

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I would suggest that if you are worried about the time for a hold to be detected, if a simple press not an alternative with your chosen devices? Just have an alternative device for the trigger you want with hold?

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@esgu1019 Lutron all the way if it's an option. If not, I have several Aeotec "mote" buttons. They're zwave but reliable and convenient. Reaction time is pretty swift with a solid zwave mesh.

Thank you for answer. What I want is a short press of 1 button to toggle the light, press and hold to dim the light and release the button to stop dimming.

Thanks for the reply. In SmartThings, the IKEA dimmer supports short press and long press, but the short press speed was very fast. don't know why

Thank you for the reply. Is the Lutron Pico triggering a push speed similar to the smartthings button? I use fibaro and tuya button devices, and the push trigger speed is a bit disappointing.

What about the hue button? Not the switch. I cant remember of it supports hold but it’s pretty fast.

If hold is the issue could you modify a driver to remove hold as an option?

Thank you for the reply. The hue button is already happy and in use. Official drivers that support 2, 3 button hold will delay the push trigger by about 1 second. So I am using it as a user driver without the hold function. The dimming light control is a bit disappointing. I need a hold

I saw an old post. what i was looking for! Currently the hue dimmer button seems to be set to around 1000ms. Can the user change this to 300-500ms? Is it possible only with Lutron?

Then you don't need hold. You use push and release. Button push "start raising/lowering" and button release "stop raising/lowering." I tried this with a Pico (fast Pico) and a Hue bulb. While it did work, even the slight delay introduced by HE made it feel strange. So I just went to a "button push, adjust dimmer +20/-20" and it feels better to me.

Note that you might need a conditional for the dim up button because "level 0" and "off" are the same thing, and neither actually sets the level to 0. So if you had the light at 50%, turned it off, then did an action to adjust dimmer +20, it'll turn on and go to 70.

Thanks for all replies. I found ikea on/off button works on hubitat! I moved to hubitat after deleting the ikea button from zigbee2mqtt. I don't know about the battery problem yet. It has a hold release function and the push trigger is very fast too!

(I hope it is officially supported.)

Have you been able to get it to work when paired directly with the HE Hub? Or have you not tried yet? I have mine working by connecting them to a Conbee2 stick on a rpi, integrated with HE via DeCONZ and a Community driver. Would be interested if you can pair them directly.

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