Please Fix Documentation Pages

Is anybody else having this problem . . .

When I try to access the Documentation pages, e.g., I just get an error.

This happens for at least the following:

App Structure: "preferences" and "Code" pages

Common Methods: "Command Object", "Mode Object", "State Object",

Hubitat Staff - Can this be fixed (along with updates to these documents).

Thank you for your feedback. We are in the process of (slowly) updating the documentation. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thank you. I was hoping it might just be some broken links needing to be updated to at least get back some of the information (along with a follow-up for future page updates).

I do have a specific question that I was trying to solve, which is why I was looking at these pages.

For App code, when trying to do a selection of devices, I know to use code along the lines of . . .

            allDeviceTypes.each { deviceType ->
                    // Note: This name _must_ be converted to a String.
                    //       If it isn't, then all devices will be removed when linking to Google Home
                    name: "${}.devices" as String,
                    type: "capability.Light",
                    title: "${deviceType.display} devices",
                    multiple: true

What I was trying to figure out - for the "type" field, is it possible to use complex expressions and how to do that.

For example, can you have something like
type: "capability.Light" and NOT "capability.SwitchLevel"


Type: "capability.Light" and "capability.SwitchLevel"

or maybe it some kind of a method call

Type: method_to_check_capabilities

Or maybe it can't be done.


As far as I remember, those docs have simply never existed.

Historically, this has not been possible, but at least one built-in app seems to be doing it now, so I'm also curious if user apps can.

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