Play Track plays wrong track

Boy I just can't get this Rule Machine right. Help! Please!

I have 3 apps with conditions based on Mode: 1. Armed Night, 2. Day and 3. Evening

The triggers are the same for all 3: any contact open.

It seems the play track area is where I can't get it right--or so it seems.

I got the track information from the Sonos device but when a contact opens in 'Day Mode', Sonos plays the track for the 'Armed Night' Mode.

Where am I messing up?

Your condition of Day is unused as seen in the manage conditions section (which is just a repository of sorts for your conditions, you need to then use them in IF statements in your actions section.

For your use case I think making a required expression (above your triggers) of Mode = Day would work.

Oh man thanks! Lightbulb moment. :blush:

I RAN to the desktop, deleted my stupid THREE rules, created ONE rule with your information and VOILA!! Works like a charm! Just like Visual Basic! :laughing:

Thank you SOOO much!

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AND I deleted the STUPID unused condition in the above code. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :blush: