Play track option on RM


I saw some screenshots here of an action on RM that lets you play a track from your smart speaker, but I can't find it on my RM. What am I missing?

I've checked all the tabs and none of them have "play track". Even the "Sounds" tab only has an option to set volume or mute/unmute.

If you open the device page for the speaker, can one of the commands listed in the top left / centre of the page allow you to successfully play a track on the speaker?

Yes. I've added the Chromecast integration (beta). It recognized my smart speaker and from there I can play a trak the was stored in the Hubibat system via file manager.

Ok, that's a good sign. So what you can do, and this may not be the only way to achieve this.... Is to include an action in your RM rule that is a custom action. Just about to restart my main hub that getting bogged down by my inefficient code, so will come back to you in a moment... If you want to play around in the meantime, you may need to choose a capability of actuator if prompted...

Here's a rough guess at the kind of action you may need in your RM rule (replacing MyTrack.mp3 with the value you entered into the command in the Device page):

Notice the action is Set Mode, Variables or File...., with the sub-type of Run Custom Action.
Then select actuator as the capability (there's probably another one that would serve up the speaker..)
Then choose the playtrack command and enter the track detail.

Hope that helps / works,

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Worked perfectly!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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