Platform update now cannot access webpage

I started to perform the planform update that was released today.

It downloaded and verified the file, it was on applying update for a while, I left my PC and came back to find that my PC went into sleep mode. When I woke the PC I am not able to access the web page foy my hub, just get page cannot be displayed.

I dont think the hub is toally down as I can control items via sharp tools, just not able to log into the webpage using the standard IP, I do have an IP address reservation set up and have confirmed that is present and showing as connected in my router.

Try the diagnostics page at http://<YOUR IP>:8081 and "Restore Previous Version"

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Maybe you just need to reboot prior to restoring the previous version though. You can do that from the diagnostics page as well.

I also cannot access the diagnostics page :flushed::pensive:

I havent rebooted the hub yet either.

Can you PING the Hub?

Try 'finding' the hub using

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Hub is pingable from the support app - it's online and responding. The hub is running
Please follow oglewon's suggestion - portal should have hub's most recent private IP address.


Mine changed IP after the update. I had to look for it’s MAC in the router as I had not reserved the IP yet in the router on the new C7.

Thanks all, it was down to the IP changing, when I checked my router it was still showing .65 as the reservation initially but when I checked the second time (just now) it had somehow changed to .77, have again set up the reservation as .65 and it is back online, thanks for the support everyone!


So I was having a similar problem. I was able to get into the configuration screen. However, i still can't get into the main webpage, and it hubitat is still showing up as offline to google home.

I was able to revert back to an older version, but still no luck. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? (when i try to do a reboot i get a 401 error, which also seems odd)

Click on log out, and then log in again. That'll be handled more gracefully in the next diagnostics tool version.

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