Platform oddities

I have one Rule 4.1 rule on my C7 hub with platform This rule if paused in the edit screen properly shows paused when I return to the apps screen.

Rules in 5.x do not show paused on the apps screen, unless they were paused on a previous platform version. AND, if I resume them on the edit screen, then come back and pause, when returning to the app screen they will no longer show paused. Does anybody else experience this? Any suggestions to correct it? I'm using a current version of Chrome on a Win10 PC.

I will assume we can no longer create a legacy rule as when I click on Rule Machine Legacy and select create a rule it creates a 5.1 rules.

I'm not seeing this behavior. This part of RM, that displays Paused, has not changed in a long time. If I Pause a Rule 5.1, either from inside the Rule or using another rule, it shows paused on the Apps list. The apps list is not a dynamic page, so depending on when it was opened, it may need to be refreshed.

I just tested this on Win 10 Chrome, and see the same thing, i.e., it works as expected. If I open an existing Rule 5.1, hit the Pause button (which then shows Paused in red at the top of the page), and then click on the Apps link on the left side menu, that Rule shows the red Paused there as expected.

It's a mystery why you are not seeing this. I'm running, but like I said, this code hasn't changed since Rule-4.1.

Really strange and annoying, but not a biggie. I was hoping that maybe the DL on the previous platform had missed a bit here or there and it would resolve on this DL.

On platform the paused indicator works on my 4.1 rule, but not 5.x - there must be something there, but I'll let it die for now. Thanks for the late night comment Bruce.

I have sort of seen this in the current and older versions, where paused and repeating show/dont show when they should/shouldnt. A hard refresh of the browser clears it for me.

What do you mean by hard refresh? A hard reset from the diagnostic tool? That would be kind of drastic. Do you mean a power down and restart?

Sorry :blush: Hard refresh of the browser.


This is almost certainly some kind of browser caching problem. I've tested this bit many many times, and know that it works.

I have some 5.x rules that properly indicate the paused condition, and others that do not. Is it possible for me to email you one of my rules that does not work properly?

Sure if you want (see PM to you).

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