Pilot error cannot edit trigger in rule 4.1 rule

Are we not supposed to still be able to edit rule machine legacy ie 4.1 rules.. when i try this is it.. cannot edit the triggers.


Yes, you can edit Triggers in Rule-4.1.

I can't tell what you're asking.

edit is not working look at picture.. when i click on edi tthe trigers to edit them all i get is that list of text.


do you want me to export the rule and send it to you?

It looks as though you are editing the first trigger. It is a Custom Attribute. You can change the attribute from the left pull-down, or the value from the right pull down. Or change the device.

no it was a bunch of custom attributes every one of those at top is a differnt device. i cannot edit it.. i did not click on the first trigger. i click on the list of triggers as shown and the page tht cam up shows that text and only one trigger. i did not pick any of the individual triggers to edit.. i am not getting that list.. instead i get that texgt on top

So what is the problem? You can edit each one. What is it that you want to edit?

So hit Done with Trigger Event. Then what comes up?

see above.. no way to pick a trigger. just get the list of text. instead of each trigger.

It is in the middle of editing the first trigger until you hit Done With this Trigger Event.

let me try it.. i never clicked on one though.

yep thanks.. really weird i havent touched that rule in forever .. not sure why it thought i was in the middle of editing it..


It could have been left in that state.

I checked some 4.1 rules, and they all present Triggers as expected, But if you start to edit a Trigger, and don't finish doing so, it's going to come up in that state that you showed.


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