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I've put a lot of reading and thinking about it but I didn't find a solution with my limited knowledge in this area.

Here what I do. From devices reading, I write those reading in a local file in the file manager of the hub with a "rule machine". From an always "on" computer running on Windows 10, with a python script, I retrieve the data from the url address (http://ipadress of the hub/local/filename) and analyse the data to make a graph in png format.

The next part is what I'm struggling with. From the reading I made, I decided to install XAMPP so the file is now visible for the hub to make it available in the dashboard with an url address from the image located on my Windows computer. But the problem is that image in the dashboard is only visible when I'm local and not when I'm away from my house.

I've read topic related to influxdb and graphana but those seems a bit complicated, but however, I didn't not really try this path yet.

Any possible solution for my problem?

Thanks in advance!

I could be wrong.... but I believe the file needs to be at an address that is available externally. So referencing it using a URL such as http://192.168.0.XXX/etc is only available on your local LAN. If you made your Windows 10 PC or HE hub available externally through some networking setup that I am not 100% familiar with, then you could reference it in your dashboard using it's externally accessible address (I'm assuming VPN's could also play a part here...). Hopefully others may be able to assist in this regard. I'm sure there are other options as well....

I think you’re right.

TBH I’ve read the OP a few times and don’t quite understand what the OP is actually trying to do.

However it’s true that an image URL for a file on one’s LAN won’t be accessible through a Hubitat cloud dashboard.

Connecting to the LAN remotely with a VPN and then accessing the LAN dashboard is one workaround.

Making the url/image publicly accessible from the internet would be another way to do it without a VPN, I would think.

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Correct. In theory you could place the file on your OneDrive or DropBox, have it set to sync from the PC, and make the file public; or provide an opening through your router’s firewall by opening a port with a redirect, or place the PC in the DMZ (none of which I recommend unless you know what you’re doing).


Couldn’t agree more.

If someone doesn’t already know how to do this, there’s potentially a huge risk to one’s LAN and connected devices if done incorrectly.

Making a single cloud hosted file public wouldn't be as big of a risk as making part of the LAN publicly accessible would it?

Most of the big providers have that one done correctly, and understand the issues around it, so it’s as safe anything can be on the wide open web...


Looking back at your original post where you mention this is a graph PNG you are wanting to present, you may also be interested in the Community app HubiGraphs, but I can't say whether it solves the externally accessible feature you are after. I'm also familiar with Influx / Grafana setup, though, again, only use it locally, I haven't looked to make this available in dashboards externally yet. Happy to go on that journey if you are interested.


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Thanks for all your answer. Yes, it makes sense that if my file that I want to make available on the dashboard is remotely accessible, it will be accessible when I'm logging into my dashboard remotely

I've tried to sync the file on Onedrive, Dropbox and Google Drive make the file available to anyone, but the link is not recognised by the hub, which I expected, but don't know how to solve it, except maybe installing a "user app" to somehow connect my cloud storage to the hub.

Maybe another work around will be to upload the file on the file manager of the hub, but don't know how to do it with a python script.

I will also look into hubigraph and see if that can solve what I'm trying to do.

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Hubigraph graphs cannot be viewed remotely via the dashboard unless you have a VPN setup, Not sure if the remote admin service would allow that or not.

I've tried that. It doesn't work.

It's been a while seen I've written that post. My setup is now completly different.

The main problem here is that I was trying to access remotly a file from a non encripted wesite (http). When log onto the remote dashboard, the dashboard is encripted (https). Most web browser does not allows to mix http content into a https web page.

So, as @terminal3 mentionned, a VPN server setup is one possible solution since the local http dashboard can be accessed remotly from your client device (as cell phone) log into the VPN.

Sorry I usually try to make sure I haven't clicked on a old thread, apparently I was not so diligent this time.

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