Pico's Don't Show Up As Button Controllers?

Returning Habitat user, finally getting around to automating the new house.

I've added a number of Lutron devices through the integrator, am sure I am putting in the right numbers, etc. When I go to create a rule, all of the "hard" switches show up as button controllers, but I can't find the Pico's anywhere.

What am I missing?

They should definitely show up. If you go to Devices, do you see them there? If not, something went wrong in the Lutron Integrator app. If you do see them, what driver are they using? (This is the "Type" drop-down on the device detail page, which should correspond to the type you chose in the Lutron app.)

@kjc In the integration list, you need to start pico's with a P

p,30,Kitchen Shade Pico

lower case p denotes pico, 30 denotes position on pro 2 hub, and Kitchen Shade Pico is simply what I named it. All separated by commas

Maybe I'm totally lost here. Here is where I entered the details...

Look in apps))Lutron integration

That should work. I assume you "Done"-ed your way out of the app to save/commit the changes you made? If not, that is how you'd do that. This should create devices for you on the hub corresponding to Picos (and whatever other devices you add there). These will show up in Devices on the left-side menu of your hub. If you don't see them listed in that devices list, something went wrong--and it explains why Button Controller wouldn't see them, either.

This is that. :slight_smile: It's just the "wizard" rather than "manual"/CSV method. Either should work.