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I am new to Pico remotes, got my first one last week when @ogiewon posted the deal on the Pro2 hub which I snatched up and picked up a PJ2-2B-GWH-L01 to play with. I am looking to pick up some more of them over at energyave and had a question.

Can anyone tell me the difference between Lutron - PJ2-3BRL-GWH-L01 - Pico Remote Control and Lutron - PJ2-3BRL-WH-L01R - Pico Remote Control ?

The only thing I can tell from the websites are that the latter one has a light blub stenciled on the bottom button (and appears to be 3 dollars more - that's an expensive stencil if that is the only difference).

Thanks for any insight.

I have always bought the less expensive of the two you posted. My guess is youโ€™re correct...just a difference in the stencil. Wait until you see how much the โ€œFan Picoโ€ costs, with just a stencil change as well.

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My recollection is the "R" indicates Retail Packaging . . .

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Lutron has a document that explains model numbering for Picos, but as mentioned above, the "R" meaning "retail packaging" is indeed correct. The other difference (not actually a difference here) is "WH" vs. "GWH," which are Lutron's color/finish codes: "white" vs. "gloss white," except there are no retail Picos available in anything other than a gloss finish, so my guess is they either abbreivate this for that reason or to make the total model number the same number of characters. Compare their regular Pico color codes:


with this note:

"* Add 'R' after 'L01' in the model number for retail packaging. Available in Gloss White (WH) or Light Almond (LA)

Anyway, if you can't tell, I had this same question a while back and dug this up again because I knew I found the answer. Hope it helps other curious people. :smiley:

(I suppose that leaves unanswered the "difference" in engraving/icons on the Pico. My guess is that the product picture without the engraving on the bottom button is incorrect, maybe a graphics editing error. Their engraving codes are supposed to both be "L01," the standard light/bulb icons and also, as noted, usually far cheaper than others.)


Has a green LED - I know because I have lots of these.

EnergyAvenue seems to suggest these have a red LED.

Thanks for all the help !!! I did more googling and found this which seems to show probably every combo they have...

Power of Pico Brochure


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