Pi pico w interest

Hi, right now I'm making a program to use the Pi Pico with a cheap microcontroller as a button (it's basically an Arduino). Is there anyone who would be interested in me releasing the code for it here? It has 26 GPIO pins, so it can support a lot of buttons and runs on Wi-Fi. Right now, I'm working on integrating it via Rule Machine. If you guys are interested, I'll try to release the code for it in a good way along with guides on how to install it properly. Note that I'm not an expert; I know a little coding from part of an engineering education.

So I assume it is just an open/close contact then? So would it be able to support wired door / alarm sensors as well (up to 13?). There might be more of a market for that, if people have existing sensors they want to convert to Hubitat. I think right now the most popular option is a Konnected board which offers a Hubitat integration. https://konnected.io/

for now its only a switch but im working on adding more feature like relay control and display drivers for a little oled screen. But yes its very close only much much cheaper and smaller plus you can modify it

@1887alexanderb - Always nice to see a fellow Maker in the community. I am sure users would like to see what you come up with. I am always curious to see how others integrate microcontrollers with Hubitat.

If you haven't already seen my HubDuino Project, it may provide you with some additional ideas along your journey.

thanks yeah i saw your program and mine too are programmed like arduinos(GitHub - earlephilhower/arduino-pico: Raspberry Pi Pico Arduino core, for all RP2040 boards). it looked good but i dont know how well your would work with that library. integrating this into hubduino would be very interesting but as i said im an engineering student not a programmer so my skills are limited and i only know c++ and RAPID. right now im gonna try to get 2 way communication working i only got the pi to ping the hub as of now and i gotta figure out how to use a ssd1306 display

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