Physically rebuilding a z-wave network

Any suggestions or good-practices here?
I have mixtures of z-wave and z-wave-plus devices, some mains powered, some battery powered.
Many of the socket/outlets are either z-wave plus or non-plus.

Would it be better to have the "plus" devices closer to the hub than the non-plus for a better network mesh so they deal with the majority of the "traffic".
I know each device that is part of the mesh can be used to hop from node to node but if the "plus" units make for a better network should i be relying on these more than the non-plus ones?

Should i then repair the network, or just those relocated nodes/devices, or leaver the network to sort itself out?

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I see the difference between Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus is the benefit of getting more battery and better range.

Not all devices helps to form to better mesh. Only devices that are main powered will help to form better mesh as they act as repeaters.

Try to place mains powered devices at proper range and leave them to sort themselves. As I faced similar issues yesterday and it got sorted out automatically.

Zwave maxes out at 40k vs z-wave plus that's a 100k. Z-wave also doesn't report status without being polled, z-wave plus does. In any mesh z-wave is always going to be a bottle neck because if you have a z-wave plus device route through a z-wave device then the max that z-wave plus device will be is 40k.

@UkSub Follow this guide on building your z-wave mesh