Physical light button press not working

What am I doing wrong? No event shows when I physically hit the button. Is this switch not capable of knowing when google does it or when the button is pressed?

What I want to do is:
When light switch is physically pressed to turn the light off, turn off the Oak and Maple (which are a heater and a fan).

I believe that only certain models will recognize this. I'm not sure which. I remember reading something here about that. What type of switch are you using? I ... think that only the Innovelli switches support that. But I am not sure. Search it here. You should find a thread on it.

I am using the physical detection on a GE dimmer, it depends on the switch and driver though, the logs on my switch differentiated between digital and physical. I set up a rule so when the on is physically pressed it will come up to full brightness since my wife didn't notice it came on when she pressed it but only at 16% which is what the last (night) motion rule set it to.

Go into "Events" at the top of the device page. Under type, you will either see this:

or this:


Obviously, if it's the first, that trigger of physical won't work. That means the the driver is not set up to differentiate between the two types. For some devices that's easy and some it isn't.

Ok thanks for the replies

I was using GE Zigbee Switch cause that is what it is but I changed it to Generic Zigbee Switch. It nows detects the physical and digital difference.

Thanks so much!

Didn't realize you were taking about the GE Zigbee. "light button" is what threw me off. I thought you would have said "switch paddle" or something. See the following:

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