Physical A/V Remote

Physical A/V Remote

I’m looking for a physical remote option which I can highly customize with HE. I’ve read about the NEEO remote, which is losing cloud support soon, but I’m just using it locally and there is an apparent root which can be carried out. The YIO looks interesting but it is not really available right now.

I’d like control a/v activities like a harmony remote, but also control whatever else I want - any device or trigger in HE.


Oh yeah, I’m not interested in a button only solution (lutron pico or similar). I’d like a physical and dedicated volume up/down, touchscreen is awesome but optional.

I have the Logitech Harmony Ultimate in my primary home which does NOT contain hubitat. It works pretty well, but that specific model's touchscreen is a bit too laggy for my taste, and I have no experience with the replacement, the Elite model, so it is unknown if that model's touchscreen is any better. They also have cheaper models if touchscreen is not your thing.

@ogiewon may know better how this system communicates with Hubitat specifically given he released this driver:

Even with harmony’s limitations that’s probably your best bet.

Agreed, with the ability to now use the home control buttons as short and held buttons to hubitat I can accomplish the majority of what I’m looking at doing. Thanks for the tips.