Phone as presence sensor question

Hey everyone,

I'm just getting started with Hubitat but have a question on using my phone as a presence sensor for setting the mode to Away. I have Mode Manager installed and location set under location and modes. I also have the mobile app installed on my phone with geofence set up. I have mode manager set up for set mode based on presence like the following:

Set mode based on time of day
Modes to ignore time changes: Away

Set mode based on presence
Away: All of (2 phones) leave
Home: Any of (2 phones) arrive

Home gets triggered flawlessly, however I am struggling with getting Away mode to trigger. Is there some extra setting I need to apply to allow for this functionality? Thanks!

Welcome to the community! Phone presence is very hit and miss. Works very well for some not so much for others. Mine was very sporadic. You could try to change the size of the geofence to see if that helps.
Most people use a combination of things, life360, phone, etc. There is even a community app for it, [RELEASE] Combined Presence
I myself just use a Samsung presence sensor with a battery mod found on the forums. I have one in my car and my wife's and they have been working incredibly well.

Thanks for the help, I'll give that a try then.

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