Phillips Hue or AduroSmart ERIA smart dimmer?


Phillips Hue Smart Dimmer

AduroSmart ERIA Smart Dimmer

Are either of these likely to work with Hubitat without issue? Is one preferred to the other or should both be avoided?


I have both, and they're not that different functionally: both have four buttons, support (at least) "push" on all buttons, with "push," "hold," and "release" on buttons 2 and 3. I like the Philips dimmers better on my Hue network (where they can interact directly with the bulbs--super-fast and exceptionally reliable) so I can't remember how buttons 2 and 3 work, but on the Eria dimmer, you either get a "push" (upon release with a quick press) or a "held" and then "released," and there's a quite a long timeout before it will give you the "held" event. If you're hoping to use it as a "hold to dim" kind of thing, you'll probably find it annoyingly long. Again, I never used the Hue dimmer this way, so I can't remember if it's the same (but the fact that it also supports all three events on these buttons suggests it might be similar).

Beyond that, the Eria dimmer fits in a standard decorator plate. Hue is a custom size. Both come with their own magnetic plates you can use anywhere. The Hue dimmer is also clearly labeled for lights, whereas the Eria is a but more neutral, so depending on your use, you may like one better.

If you plan on getting a lot, I'd avoid getting both in favor of Lutron Pico remotes (just need the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro), which, with the "Fast Pico" driver, don't have the annoying delay on buttons 2 and 3 (though I seem to be one of few people who notice a slight delay the first time I use one after my hub reboots). They also fit in a standard decorator plate, but they come in a lot more colors and are about half the price of either of these if you look at the cheap 5-button white ones for lights. (They also have ones engraved for music, blinds, fans, etc., which cost more, but are funtionally identifical on the Huitat side.)


Thanks. I think I will go with the Eria. I am only planning on getting two. The Lutron Smart Bridge Pro is not something I think I will be needing and it is a bit expensive as well. I appreciate the information and I can put up with the hold delay. I may just set them as push trigger for a set brightness level. As long as the ERIA plays well and won't cause my other devices to drop off and beome non-responsive, I will be happy.


Battery powered devices can't be repeaters and so can't affect your mesh.


Yes, I know that. Nevertheless, the Sylvania Lightify smart switches I tried still played havoc with the stability of my setup. I don't know why. I just know they did. I have better hopes for the ERIA product.


I just ordered one too so we can compare results. :grinning:


I just got my Eria dimmer (next day delivery is so cool). I like the size compared to the Hue dimmer but it is much easier to hit multiple buttons if you have fat fingers. Paired quickly and to work well for my use. I just use the individual buttons as toggles.


I got mine today also. It was a bit tricky to pair. It wouldn't until I hit the O button. I did not see anything in the instructions on my first glance. I was too used to the Iris devices where pulling the battery tab put it in pairing mode.

I have two of them set up. Hold and release doesn't work well with the dimmers I got so I have it set up for I=turn on, Up arrow = set to 100% brightness, Down arrow = set to 10% brightness, and O = turn off.

So far, they are playing much better with my system than the Sylvania ones did. :+1::grin::+1:


Update: I am experiencing some of the same random problems I was having with the Sylvania Lightify switch. :frowning_face:
My Iris smart button 3460-L buttons are not responding properly and my Iris V2 keypad is also not communicating properly. I think these are also duds and will need to be returned. I suspect that I would need to have a second hub to which these devices are attached so that they don't interfere with the rest of my devices. :frowning_face:

Edit: I decided to remove and re-pair the ERIA switches to see if they would behave better. Results pending time to evaluate.


Are you sure there isn't something else wrong with your mesh? Do you have smart bulbs, for example? Battery-powered devices like this shouldn't cause problems for other devices--at least not ones like this that don't do anything unless you touch them (not even battery reports). Or do you happen to have more than 32 Zigbee devices with no repeaters? Something else is surely going on.

As for the pairing, that is in the instruction booklet, as you have seen. I assume it works that way because it can pair either directly to ZLL bulbs or (as you want here) to a ZHA hub and doesn't want to make guesses for you when the device is new. (Unfortunately, it's easy to hold either button down for too long during regular use if you don't remember, then, bam, you'll probably have to re-pair it.)


No smart bulbs.

Devices on my Hubitat:
Iris V1 motion detectors - 2 ea.
Iris V2 keypad - 1 ea.
Iris V2 Smart Buttons - 3 ea.
Bosch motion detectors - 5 ea.
Iris V2 Smart Outlets - 2 ea.
Iris V1 Smart Outlets - 2 ea.
Third Reality Smart Switch - 1 ea.
Nue 3A ZigBee Smart Light Dimmer - 2 ea.
Iris Smart Fob - 2 ea.
Iris V2 Contact Sensors - 3 ea.
Iris V1 Contact Sensors - 1 ea.

ERIA Smart Dimmer - 2 ea. Note: problems seemed to start when these were installed. Why? I don't know. Given that I have 6 repeaters for my Zigbee mesh, I should not have any issues.

Z-Wave Devices:
Utilitech Siren
Utilitech Glass Break Sensor
C101 Thermostat

The reason I got the Nue Smart Light Dimmers was so I could avoid getting smart bulbs. Things were working well until I got the Sylvania Lightify dimmers. Once those were removed, the system started behaving normally again. Now, I am experiencing some of the same issues with the ERIA dimmer.


Mine is still operating correctly after 1 day. I would agree with @bertabcd1234 that there is likely a mesh issue. Try forcing a mesh rebuild. Shut down the hub for 20 minutes and then start it up again. The Zigbee mesh will try to rebuild neighbors.


I'll give the mesh rebuild a try.


I have just started adding ZigBee devices to my mostly Zwave setup. There are some new challenges for me as well.


Changing the Zigbee channel to 25 and then back to 20 seems to have helped. It will take time to determine if it is stable or not.


Nope! Same symptoms: Iris devices becoming unresponsive.
Iris V1 motion sensors - not responding
Iris V2 keypad - lights blinking between off, partial, on, partial, off, . . .
Iris V2 smart buttons - not responding

Bosch motion sensors - not sure if they were affected or not.

I have removed the AduroSmart ERIA smart dimmer switches and will not be reconnecting them any time soon unless I can figure out a way to get another hub working through which to connect them. I can't have my security system messed up for the sake of a dimmer controller button.

When the ERIA buttons were connected, they seemed to be very slow if they had not been used for a while. The light would flash for several seconds. Eventually, the dimmer wold respond and the light would go out on the ERIA. Subsequent keypresses were faster to respond. It is like it was taking multiple seconds for the ERIA to wake up and communicate with the dimmer through the hub.

I have a feeling I should have gone with the Phillips Hue smart dimmer. :frowning_face:


If you did want to do this, there are two methods: the native Hub Link and Link to Hub apps, or the new community HubConnect app. That being said, it's quite odd that just adding this dimmer would affect your network in that way. I only have one and I rarely use it, but I haven't noticed any problems (I have lots of Philips Dimmers too, but they are connected directly to my Hue network). Have you tried your network without the Iris v1 devices, by chance? Support for those is pretty new, and I've only seen a few reports of problems, but it's possible they just haven't been tested enough.


I know. It shouldn't happen. Yet, it does. It is very frustrating. Right now, they are removed and will stay that way until I find a better way to connect them that won't make my system unstable. I'm leaning toward putting home automation on one hub and home security on another. The home security would be the master using either Hub Link or HubConnect.

I need to do some shopping to see what would be the cheapest hub to buy. It would be really nice if the Iris V2 hub I have could be reprogrammed and reused for this purpose.


My ERIA responds instantly after an overnight hiatus. I am using both my Hue dimmers and the ERIA as button controllers only so that may make a difference. In comparison to my Hue dimmers I don't see any real difference in response time. Do you have bulbs paired to HE?


No smart bulbs here. I have smart outlets connected to lamps. The only dimmers I have are the two Nue 3A Model HGZB-02A ZigBee 3.0 Smart Light Dimmer Switches.