Phillips Hue Motion Sensor: Displaying Illuminance on Dashboard

I'm just fooling around with my new detector.
I can't seem to get illuminance displayed on the dashboard, whether through the Motion tile, or even Attribute tile.
It displays in the device driver page.
Any ideas?

There's no reason it shouldn't work. I just tried with my Hue Outdoor Motion sensor. It's even shared via Hub Mesh and works just as expected.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 2.59.54 PM

this is what I get:

Test is the name of your motion sensor?

Yes. That was at the same time I was shining a flashlight at it:

Can you please show the entire driver page?

I refreshed the browser and got something. Go figure.
Still, wouldn't be bad if it was also on the motion tile.


Chrome? There are caching issues I've seen and reported with Chrome. They're looking out for it, but it's random unfortunately.


:man_shrugging: Not a Firefox user.