Phillips Hue 1st Gen Lightstrip (LST001)?

Anyone using this?
New to Hubitat and trying to get this lightstrip working. After many attempts of factory resetting with dimmer switch, i was able to get the hub to succesfully pair. However the light does not work.
It installed as an unknown zigbee device? My other lightstrip LST002 model works fine. In device information, I chose Generic Zigbee RGB my other lightstrip. LST001 cannot configure, refresh, turn on or off.
Also, I am not using any bridge intergration apps. Connecting to hub directly.
Is the 1st gen not supported?

In the logs:
[sys:1]2022-01-07 02:31:05.441 pm Zigbee Discovery Stopped
[sys:1]2022-01-07 02:31:04.548 pm Created Unknown Zigbee Device
[sys:1]2022-01-07 02:30:28.083 pm Zigbee Discovery Running
[sys:1]2022-01-07 02:30:27.545 pm Zigbee Discovery Stopped
[sys:1]2022-01-07 02:30:15.555 pm Initializing Zigbee Device 0017880100CD6DB3, 1617

After you changed the driver to Generic Zigbee RGBW light (and saved those changes with "Save Device"), did you run the "Configure" command? You won't see anything visibly happen (nor is this a command you should need to run during regular operation of your device, so it's not really worth mentioning with other commands like on/off, etc.--but everything you see there is a matter of what driver you are using, and "Configure" is usually a good idea after switching drivers).

I'm not sure I've seen confirmation that anyone has tested this specific device, but it should be similar enough to other Hue lights (which do work) that I'd be surprised if it didn't...

Yes, I have configured after changing the device type from Device. No activity cannot interact with it. I removed the device, reset it, shutdown the hub to clear the cache, repaired and it still does the same thing. I will mention that i did upgrade to the latest firmware on the hub last night and this is the first attempt in connect more devices. Could the update have broken pairing?

No, the latest HE firmware has been out for a while now and no one is reporting problems adding devices, including me.
If there isn’t something wrong with the device, and you are choosing the Generic Zigbee RGBW driver, then that leaves a weak mesh as the cause.

There is also the issue that many Hue bulbs (not sure about lightstrips, and maybe it depends on generation) are known to be poor repeaters, though if you're only using other bulbs on network (and not "regular" ZHA devices), you should be good--and even then, I think it's normally the other devices where you see problems, not the bulbs, but it's worth a mention.

See: How to Build a Solid Zigbee Mesh - Hubitat Documentation

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