Phillip Hue Null Problem and Ecolink Contact Unknown on Dashboard


New time Hubitat user, migrating from Wink. I've been having a slew of problems and I was hoping to get some assistance:

  1. I used the Hubitat Hue Integration app, but I keep receiving these two errors in the log:
  • java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object (mainPage)
  • java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property 'value' on null object (bulbDiscovery).

I haven't been able to get past the screen after connecting to the Hue by pressing the button.

  1. I've connected my ecolink contact sensors to my Hubitat, but the dashboard always says unknown (it was recognized as a contact sensor). Not only that, but I created a rule in rule manager to text me or notify me through my phone. I ran the rule, but was still unsuccessful in receiving a message (did not hit 10 SMS limit, my number is typed in as +1xxxxxxxxx).

Some assistance would be great,

Thank you!

To clarify for point number 2, I created a rule that if the contact sensor notices that it is open and another rule if it's closed, to notify me.

Welcome to hubitat!!!

Have you been able to select your hub in the Hue Integration? It sounds like you aren't selecting the hub.

For point 2, can you post a picture of the edit device page?

Hello Ryan,

Thank you for the assistance. Yes I was able to select the Hub. I was able to fix all my problems above. Hopefully this helps anyone who had similar problems as I did. Here are my fixes:

  1. The problem for the Hue light was due to the fact my Hue lights were not connected to the same router as the Hubitat hub. I have a wifi extender that the Hue lights were orginally connected to. Upon connecting the Hue lights to the same router as the Hubitat, it worked perfectly.

  2. For the contact sensors, they were previously connected to my Wink hub. I did the following to get them to be recognized correctly on the Hubitat dashboard:

  • Run exclusion mode on my Hubitat hub.
  • After excluding them, connect them to my Hubitat hub.
  • It'll show up as unknown on the dashboard. Go to the device on the device tab.
  • Physically open your contact sensor.
  • In the contact sensor, press the black button/tab in it and you'll notice that on the device page, the contact sensor will update with a "tampered" status. (Usually the button inside is used to reset it/update the tampered status)
  • Now put back the contact sensors cover and it should refresh. Now you'll see a "contact" status.
    -Check the dashboard and it should now update to reflect as opened/closed as opposed to "unknown".

Hope this helps someone!

That sounds like a great tool, Can you show me how to do that please?