Philips Hue Smart plug support?


I have several Hue devices connected to Hubitat via the built in Hue app. The app sees the Philips Hue Smart plug, however it seems not adding it as a device, keeps showing it as one new device to add, but never gets added there.

The hubitat Integration currently doesn't support Binary devices on the Hue Hub. The Hue Plug is not even available in the US yet. However, it is Bluetooth so you won't be able to pair it directly to the hub. @mike.maxwell @bravenel, looks like there's a device to add to the Hue Integration if it's not already planned for. Thanks!

Do you need it paired directly to Hue? If not, it's also Zigbee and should be able to be paired to Hubitat. However, it's ZLL, so whether it will exhibit the strange repeating behavior of their bulbs, who knows...

It is ZLL, which I find odd for a plug but that is the only way to get it to connect to the Hue Bridge. I would suspect that it suffers from the same problem as everything else ZLL. I think adding support for binary switches to the Hue integration would be a better solution for everyone.


+1 for this. I have quite a few Osram plugs pairing to my Hue Bridge at another location and would love this capabilities added.

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this just means that it would probably support touch linking, ZLL and ZHA on off commands are exactly the same, there is no difference between.

Someone needs to join one of these to HE, I can think of no reason it wouldn't work joined to HE.
Use the Ikea outlet driver since it has some diagnostics built in that will at least tell you if it's a router or not...

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I have just paired one with my Hubitat. Works perfectly with "generic Zigbee Switch" driver. Also works with "IKEA TRADFRI Control outlet".

I have to refresh to get the correct Current State.

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Yes, not sure that these report the local state change ..... I have a couple on my Hue Bridge and while they obviously work fine on / off from the Hue App, if you operate them from the local switch they never seem to update in the App.

Probably not a big deal, not sure of the last time I turned a plug on from the local switch!

I would like to pair the hue smart plug to the hue hub (so I can access via homekit as well)

To clarify the above comments, are you saying that if I pair to the hue hub the smart plug will not be available in Hubitat?

That is correct, Hubitat's Hue Bridge integration will not bring in the Hue plug, only lights. The alternative is directly pairing it to Hubitat, though as you note, there is no native HomeKit integration in that case.

I wrote a custom Hue Bridge integration that does support the smart plug if you are interested:

(I'm not sure Hubitat's has really been touched much since they introduced it, so I wouldn't count on anything any time soon there...)

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That is awesome - thanks. Hue switch will be here on Friday so I'll give it a go.

Do you have support for the outdoor motion sensors also?

No, there isn't a good way for any integration to support a motion sensor via Hue's HTTP API--it can't "push" an event and the integration would have to rely on polling, just as it does for changes made to lights outside Hubitat.

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Wow. It is funny that for all the things that Homekit leaves out it has integration for push motion, lux, and temp for the motion sensors on the hue hub.

Unfortunately I cannot connect the sensors to Hubitat directly. I got one to work inside as a test, but when they are mounted outside they are too far away and do not work without the light bulbs controlled by the hue hub repeating the signal.

Thanks for answering my questions

Received the smart plug, connected to the hue hub, is available and controllable via homekit and the hue app.

Loaded apps and drivers using the instructions here CoCoHue/ at master · HubitatCommunity/CoCoHue · GitHub

The smart plug shows up as a light, I select it to add and click done and it does not show up on the device list. I am able to add other lights no problem - i.e. if I select the plug and 3 lights, the 3 lights show up in the devices and are controllable, the plug does not.

Tried deleting and reloading the plug driver, no difference

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Logs show:
Unable to create new device for 34: Device type 'CoCoHue On/Off Plug/Light' in namespace 'RMoRobert' not found

Sample Log:

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:47.455 pm debugRunning getBridgeData()...

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:47.422 pm errorUnable to create new device for 34: Device type 'CoCoHue On/Off Plug/Light' in namespace 'RMoRobert' not found

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:47.417 pm debugCreating new device for Hue light 34 (Hue Smart Plug)

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:47.379 pm debugNew bulbs selected. Creating...

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:45.084 pm debugRunning getBridgeData()...

app:3242020-01-04 04:26:45.055 pm debugPolling Bridge...

In CoCoHue, you have to change the driver to On/Off Plug. Then it will show up as a switch. The typo is being fixed and has already been reported to the dev on that app.

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I posted the error on the CoCo post but here it is.

Minor correction on the driver name for On/Off plug/Light.
The instance child app is looking for "CoCoHue On/Off Plug/Light" but the driver name is "CoCoHue On/Off Plug". Changing the driver name and added the device. The plug work great. Thanks for adding this option. Been waiting for a while from HE for this.

2020-01-03 21:00:40.049 errorUnable to create new device for 48: Device type 'CoCoHue On/Off Plug/Light' in namespace 'RMoRobert' not found

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Thanks for the quick replies, changed the driver name and works perfectly!

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I've corrected the typo in the Bridge child app, so Hue plug devices should get created correctly now. (I see some you fixed this by modifying the name in the driver, which also works. What I had in the app is what I originally called the driver, but I changed the name because I think the difference between a plug and a light is that a light would support flash(), which I left unimplemented in the plug driver--plus I'm not aware of any on/off-only Zigbee bulbs, with all I'm aware of also supporting dimming, which I'll have a driver for at some point. If anyone has a Hue Plug and could confirm that flash(), which you'd have to comment back in, doesn't work, that would be great! They don't with the Trådfri outlets I tested this on and I assume it's the same for the Hue ones...)

Thanks for reporting, and sorry for the error!

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