Philips hue dimmer switches don’t work after update

I posted in another thread and figured I would ask if anyone else saw this. After updating to new version last night my philips hue dimmer switches no longer respond to pushes through HE

I have the remotes paired directly to HE to control certian aspects of our HA. They all use the app buttons and worked perfectly before updating yesterday. No they don’t register even in the logs as being detected pushed

FWIW repairing one fix that one but hoping not to have to do that to all of them

Have you tried holding all 4 buttons to do a kind of reset? I have to be honest I haven't tried it on my 3 connected to HE, but works when needed on my ones connected to Hue.

I gave that a go ended up having to just repair them after removing them kind of a pain but still love HE

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