Phantom Device in Scene Settings

So, I was looking at a scene's setting page and I discovered a device which is no longer connected to my system that still "lives" in the settings. You can see in this screenshot, I have an RGBW bulb in the scene, it is number 1122. I had to remove the device and re-add it, that's why it has that number. Originally it was 768. Now, the bulb doesn't show up for the list of bulbs, but it's settings for CT are still there. The device number is 785. It doesn't even exist on my system anymore.

I tried re-saving the scene after removing the existing bulb and then re-adding it and that didn't help either. I also noticed that if i remove the device and save and then go back in, it remembers what the settings were for that device. Is that on purpose? Will this cause an issue at some later time?