Periodic Schedule triggers twice (still happening in 2.3.0)

I setup a simple periodic schedule trigger every 15 seconds to add 1 to hub variable.
It double triggers every 15 seconds UNLESS I turn on ACTIONS logging, then it works.

Therefore it goes 1,2..wait..3,4 instead of 1..wait..2..wait..3..wait etc.

Event or trigger logging do not cause it to work. Is this a known issue? I am at 146. Thanks


ACTIONS logging makes it work.

Probably related to this.

If so it is supposed to be fixed in upcoming release.

Is there a master list of issues and potential workarounds? Would make it easier than searching community and prevent needless questions for variations of similar problems. Thanks

Not really. You just have to search. Which I know doesn't always turn up useful results.

They could try and setup a system on the forum for tracking but keeping all the threads on track would probably be like herding cats.


On @bravenel’s desk.

Join the beta tester group. I’m not a beta tester, and am letting things be stable until 2.3.0 arrives.

Candidly, the best approach might be to have patience and chill. Report the bug so it can get tested, verified, and fixed in the release. It’s coming “real soon, now”.

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Where in my comment did I not have patience or need to chill?

Sorry, I should have added a smiley face. No criticism was intended.

To further the discussion of Hubitat having and supporting a true Bug Reporting system, I heartily recommend Mantis, which works incredibly efficiently. Others have used JIRA to great success, but I'm less enthralled with it.

It would be so gratifying to know (a) the current set of bug reports and feature requests, (b) their status, (c) developer comments and requests for more information, (d) planned fixes (not limited to beta releases), etc.

+1 for a true issue tracker like Mantis.

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I'd settle for a locked page with the list and known workarounds if available. Just more efficient than all this searching. Hubitat is the best.

Hey 672southmain all good. I am borderline on posting in the first place. Most times, I don't see the upside to do it. Take care.

After upgrade periodic schedule triggers still trigger twice.

You may have two instances of that app running. Show the App Status page (gear icon), bottom of the page for Scheduled Jobs. Then open the app and hit Done. Look again at Scheduled Jobs.

when predicate false no jobs

when predicate true and running

OK, I'm able to reproduce it. Something about interactions with scheduling and rescheduling the periodic. Will look into it.

What are you actually trying to do? Debounce a presence device?

check to see if floor sensor has been activated within certain time else turn off everything. Not urgent.

quick question, on existing hub variables, can i delete device connectors and still use in dashboard. I have many already in use.

With respect to the original issue, the problem arises because of banging on the predicate expression with a periodic schedule. Each time you change the predicate truth, it reschedules the periodic. Periodic is pretty brute, it starts up upon being scheduled. So it fires, then immediately gets rescheduled, so it fires then again. Hence the double actions. Not a good combination. I will look into alternative means of dealing with this, but that at least explains what you're seeing.

You'd have to change your tiles to use the variables instead of the connectors.

As always, I defer to the expert analysis provided above, but gotta say my gut instinct upon first viewing this rule was that it was re-firing due to the Private Boolean being unset and the reset in the course of a single run. Rather relieved to hear that's not the case (for even if my guess had been correct, one might expect the rule to 'bounce' multiple times and not just one extra time).

Am I correct, though, in assuming that an already-executing Rule will continue to run to completion even after it has set its own Private Boolean in such a way as to render its Predicate FALSE?

I'm going to change how it deals with Periodic wrt changes in Required Expression state. Won't unschedule and reschedule it, just not let it trigger when the Required Expression is false.

This fix has been tested and solves the problem. Next hot fix release will have it for 2.3.0.


Crazy idea. Make it every 14 seconds with a 1 second delay. I seem to solve a lot of little problems with this one second delay.

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