Periodic schedule 112 fix gives this error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of

variable not increased.

I deleted rule and re-created and same results.

Open Rule Machine parent app and then hit Done. That should make this error go away.

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I clicked this done. Is this correct? error still happens. Maybe I am pressing wrong 'done'

Are you sure you're on 112? That typo was fixed in 112.

Please post a screenshot of the bottom portion of the App Status page for this app, where the bottom of the Application State appears.

Never mind. I found the problem. There are two places with that same typo, and only one was fixed.

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It would help me to see that bottom part of Application State from App Status page. Maybe there is a way we can get around the problem. Please post a screenshot.


Not necessary to fix now. Enjoy Thanksgiving. I can get fix with next schedule update. thx

Weird. That instance should not throw the error it is throwing.

Try this: Open the rule and hit Stop at the top of the rule. Then hit Start, followed by Done. See if it still throws the error.

still the error. variable never increases, but it does now fire once every 15 seconds.

OK, this is a mystery to me at this point. The next release should resolve it. That state variable varTriggersFixed should be stoping the bad method call from even happening. Rather than fuss with this, let's revisit when next hot fix is released.


Back to a topic we didn't really explore well: Polling the state of something every 15 seconds like this is not a good way to accomplish what you want to do. There are better ways. Are you wanting to know how long it's been since something happened, or wait a certain amount of time after something happens to know that some state is still true?

There is a condition called Time Since Last Event that does something like this. Also, there is Wait for Expression with Duration. This one waits until something has entered into a particular state and stayed there for a defined period of time. These don't use polling, but rather events from the devices -- or absence of them.

It was interesting getting the issues you uncovered run to ground (but for this stupid bug -- my own stupidity). But it would be cool to figure out a good way to handle your use case.

Ok i find the variable is increasing while getting the error. Since I am using a hub variable in the dashboard now, I did not realize the variable value does not refresh like it did as a device. So the error exists but the variable is increasing if I refresh the dashboard all the time. If this is the behavior for hub variable in dashboard, it is not for me. Also, I was not able to see how to change color of hub variable without programming. So maybe I stick with hub variable connectors.

So 112 fixed periodic schedule, but generates an error. Not concerned about error.

Thanks for the help.. Hubitat so much better than SmartThings and Hubitat support x1000 better.

I see another post about hub variable not refreshing in dashboard. Not sure if working as designed or not?

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