Performance issues

I've noticed the UI is a bit slow, and it seems to be getting worse.

A simple load of the main page, from my desktop, attached to the same switch, takes the main page 11+ seconds to load, and its essentially just waiting for the web server to provide the initial response, the rest of the resources load well. You can see from the below image that the initial response is like 10 seconds, and then a little over a second to load the css/images etc... why on earth does it take 10 seconds? As much as i hate SmartThings, this makes me want to move back to it :frowning:

It feels like each upgrade i do makes it a bit worse (missing proper cleanup steps?) and upgrades come out fairly often

The main reason im posting this is i just attempted to do an upgrade, which was just hanging on the verify (maybe a process has gone nuts, have yet to reboot, but, shouldnt have to)

A reboot did make it significantly better... to which im now wondering, should a reboot be part of the upgrade process? or even, for the time being, scheduled?

What hub hardware are you on? Also what brand are your network switches, that the hub goes through?

2nd to above what browser are you using?

Hub Model C-5
The switch my desktop and hub are on is a POE Trendnet, which connects in to a Meraki switch.
I tend to mostly use Chrome on both my desktop and on the phone, both of which had similar response times. I did however test it with firefox at one point and saw similar response times.

I think maybe i've done about 5 upgrades without a reboot and i think i can say that with each upgrade it got a bit slower to respond.

I can currently load the page in about 5 seconds, which still seems a tad high, but it loads in a more responsive way, so that 5 seconds doesnt feel THAT bad

there is a issue on some switches with the C-5 that there is a fix for, you just need to reach out to support to get it. The symptoms are what your describing as long as the the hub is running normally I.E lights turning on and off fast. @bobbyD can help you out if this matches your case.

I'll reach out to support!