Pending Wait Action disappears if Rule Triggered Again

I have a rule that is triggered by pressing a button. One of the actions is a 'Wait for Event --> Elapsed Time'. If the rule is triggered again before the set elapsed time passes/completes, the wait seems to disappear/cancels...subsequent actions after the wait never run and nothing shows up in the log. The pending job disappears.

Is this how it should function? If so, is there a way to prevent the wait from being cancelled if the rule is re-triggered?

Yes, this is how "Wait" actions work. Any time the rule triggers, the wait (and anything after it) is effectively cancelled. If you don't want that behavior, the "Delay" action functions differently and must be explicitly cancelled, most commonly by checking the "cancel?" (or "cancelable") option when configuring the delay and using a "Cancel Delayed Actions" action at another point in the rule (often towards the beginning or in the other half of an IF/ELSE). Another way to avoid this is to consider your triggers--e.g., maybe you only care to respond to one particular event and not any change.

If you're not sure how to make this work with your rule, feel free to post a screenshot and someone can help!


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