Pearl Thermostat Question - Temperature Calibration Setting

For those of you with Pearl thermostats...

Is the temperature calibration setting something that can be set via HE? If so, is it something that can be changed 'on the run'?

Currently it is not exposed in the driver, unless you have a bumb unit, ive not seen the need to calbrate these.

It was an offhand thought of another way to effectively use a remote temperature as the temp for the thermostat - just bias the main thermostat temperature to the remote temp reading via HE to match the remote sensor.

Another thing I thought would be nice doing it that way is it would be a pretty safe way to do it, as it only lets you bias +/- 4.5 DegF - so there is only so 'bad' it can get no matter how much one screws up their logic. And if communication stops, the thermostat keeps running fine with whatever the last offset was.

If the Pearl would just support remote temperature sensors as its main control point, that would obviously be better. But to my knowledge it doesn't.

I agree. I've been working (kind of) with Centralite on how one would go about integrating a remote. My issue is with dynamic performance. see this post

I did find more information about the Centralite 3310 remote temperature sensor.

  1. It reads it's sensors once every 5 minutes.

  2. If humidity has changed 1% humidity value is sent to the Hub

  3. If the temperature has changed 0.5 °C the temperature is sent to the Hub

  4. If the temperature changes > 0.5°C and is sent to the hub, the humidity information does not tag along.

  5. Battery is reported at an interval I'm not aware of.

One note on safety (against inadvertent temperature commands). The Pearl allows you to set both minimum and maximum command temperatures for both heat and cooling.

Dynamics aren't as important to me being on forced air heat and cooling, but 5 minutes is a little slow.

I'm controlling exclusively from Ecobee remote sensors right now, and they have similar update characteristics. In fact, on the Ecobee you can't update remote sensor temperature readings faster than 3 minutes no matter how fast you poll (per the Ecobee API documentation).

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